Saturday, July 2, 2011

nothing exciting just an update.

i dont relly blog much anymore because i dont have internet well besides on my brothers computer but anyway
I regert the blogs i wrote in the past even thow i feel that way alot of the time doesnt mean its true. i have good friends actully GREAT FRIENDS. they dont care what size i am only i do and yes im trying to change my size and i refuse to fail i bet a lot of ppl out their want me to fail and they will try there hardest to hurt me and that made me realize somthing.
PEOPLE at my school or in genreal just around the world now im not saying everyone is like this but people just seem like they will go out of their ways to be mean to me (not jsut me everyone)
i cant spell (its not true i can spell its just im to lazy to take my time with blogs and facebook to make things perfecrt) or im too  loud , my nose is weird im to FAT. im anoying. im "emo" im this im that.
come on get over yourself. yeah i know im not a size two. i know that i culd be more quiet i no my nose is big  i no i tend to talk to much emo is emotinal guys seroiusly every girl is emo on their period. but SO WHAT. i am me and i owuld be lying if i said i dont care what you say about me .because i do or i wouldnt get so cought up with it. truth is yes being made fun of and talk behind your back and such it hurts its mean. and it makes me so insecure but no what forget you if you dont like anything about me then ignore me  i have people that love and like me for who i am. but then <-------- that whole little speech thing made me realize NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ME. im so cought up on peoples opinons that i think everyone stares at me and everyone is judging em news flash nicole <--- im talking to my self im not weird. any way not everytihng about you the world doesnt revolve around you. i really dont know what to do in these messy feelings. besides try to change the things i dont like about my self like my size but i refuse to try to change the things the world doesnt like about me. i like my anoyingness and my loudness and so do my friends the people i do care about. THIS BLOG IS LONG. but i have  alot more thins to write about . im gonna write another blog k <--note to nicole: please try to spell more things write by slwoing down on my thoughts,

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