Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the good and the bad

I edited MY  blog! and im really happy with the new name and everything!
kay. anyway i always look at the bad in my life. My life may have its issues but it has its good times too.
so this is a hapy blog of all the things i love most in my life!
the moments i cherish and stuff.
1. FRIENDS (this is a little shout out sorry if i forgot you.)
CASSIE BESTPERSONEVER BEHLER. ILOVEYOU k honestly its true you are the most amazing person ever! and i have to say im addicted to your blog! i love it idk why but i like how real you are in it.
anway, yeah your supper cool and thankyou THANKYOU for being there you mean the world to me.
JACKSON AWESOMEKID SIMS-MEYER k well iloveyou your my bestfriend you are prolly equal to cassie. cassie could be a little more awesome thow srry. <---shes been my best friend since like 5th grade. anyway i love how comfterble we are around eatch other i love having a guy best friend like you! the day i  cherish the most downtown with jenni day and that like 6 hour skype day that ended in tears. but i prolly will never tell you why i was crying. sorry. any way your auhmazzing! i love your hugs btw you wear really big shirts. your to skinny for them get smaller shirts please?
ABBY k gurll i love you  we wernt very close til i had a breakdown at school and told you like everything in my life. and now where like bestfriends and  you made my dream come true cuz your taking me too warped tour yay!<---thats a good thing in my life.
HELEN<---cool kid your my close friend we have wacked out moments but a moment with you is never bad like goign swimign when its frezzing out side at like midnight, walking to meijer, dying your hair and all that other things we do. YOUR CRAZY. like physco. but its k cuz i <3 you.
SONYA-your super cool and funny and i love you
COUC--YOUR crazy hyper but your alot of fun to hangout with.
^^^those ppl are my closest bestest friends srry if your not on her i still love you
THOMAS-your so awesomeeee your the bestest brother ever
i mean like ever! we are really close and im happy because your awesome yeah mayn i love hanginout with you and my friends. your cool. kepp it pimpin
DAD-you give me what i want if i beg so yeah!
mom- your easy to talk to
i have really cute dogs :D
yeah i no longer feel like writing this.

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