Tuesday, July 19, 2011

living with our headphones up

we got sound and that's enough.
 im in a MOOD.
aghh yeah ill say it i have done illegal shit before.
yeah i have k
got a problem?
im hot and sweaty and gross feeling because my stupid AF dad wont get air conditioning
summer has gone by so damn fast i hate this
it doesn't feel like damn summer to me
and i hadn't had real fun in a while like i used to have with taking pictures up all night never bored times with friends i miss those damn times.
i feel everyone knows stuff that i don't like idk
i need to clean my room dn lose some more weight
note to self: stop eating so goddamn much
today check list
1.eat small meals 5 of em.
2.clean my room
3.clean my bathroom
6. Americas got talent
if i don't get this shit done and stop procrastination imma
get angry
aghhh im stressed out
and shit so

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