Monday, July 11, 2011


the truth is
if i could sleep all day i would
because i love dreaming'its like
a sicknesss
i love it
its my drug i like
to listen to my ipod and just day dream
for hours.
but last night my dream was soo weird
im not gonna share  it sorry.
itss to complicated

following your dreams!
so at warped tour
dohvie from
said somthing that really hit
he said
follow your dreams i promise they will happen if you follow them be your self
trying is aceptable giving up or not trying is  not aceptble
watch really wants to make me lose weight
if i want it bad enough only i can try and change it
so i will
thank you dohvie
your like my hero sometimes you really inspire me
and jay von monroe your so freaking sexy,cute,amazing :D

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