Thursday, July 21, 2011

i ripped out my heart and let you read it like a book you handed back and said i dont care

the blog don't CARE wont care is about you too.
you make me angry
i talked to you
and for a second i felt bad about that blog i wrote
because you were being sweet
then you stop
that girl on the fone wasn't your girlfriend
so please stop lieing to me
and everyone around you
who do i like?
 i thought it mite be you
but you changed my mind in a second
why am i mad at you
because your you
you do stupid ass shit
and flip your script so much.
one minute im beautiful
the next you have a girlfriend
you make me want to cry
i don't no my emotions for you anymore.
ill always love you because ive never stopped getting over you is the hard party
because i love two people
his memory is fading fast and im trying to hold on to it has long has i can.
your always there but my memory's with you arnt has pleasant.

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