Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hanging till we old and grey like grandpa.muthafucking HOMIES

so  this blog isn't about me.
its about best friends or HOMIES
so like i  realized i have  like the best friend anyone could have
brooklyn jean kouba.
SO today and yesterday was so much fun.
besides a little bit of drama.
me and brooklyn have been laughing our asses off.
watch makes me really excited for the weekend.
i usually think i m the fat girl i cant have like normal friendships 
but brooklyn makes me feel like it doesn't matter about what i look like or have in life we are still bestfriends!
we had a giant sing along today lol we are so cool
yeah but this is all i wanted to say is that im  happy that i  have brooklyn has a friend or homie
better yet shes like fucking family :)
im glad i can be my self and that she still loves me  i need people like that,
not saying that i dont have other friends like that.
because i do.
but i just have fun times with brooky !
lol :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

im rolling sweets,smoking sours

im super sick
so that means no school
and a ton of catch up work :(
im losing every thing
im so upset.
im ugly has fuck.
never been kissed, never been liked,
never been called pretty
just made fun of.
im to fat
im to ugly
im nothing special
not even close to perfect.
i wish i could see my friends
i wish i was happy
i always thought
when i was 8,9
i get to high school id be pretty
id be popular
all my other friends would be jealous
nope im the ugly duckling has my best friends
get prettier
and more people like them
its a big deal to me
im not worth anyone's trouble
im dirt
dirt is actually
better then me
it can grow weed and pretty flowers
i hate myself more and more
no one cares thow
so im done here.
im done with everything
im on the edge and im so close to jumping.