Saturday, July 2, 2011

yeah another updatee!

so im going to like copy cassie in away with out her permession. but i dont think she cares in less she does so cassie I LOVEEEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

summer has been fun.
ive done alot of things.
but there were alot of things i wish i had said to ppl that i didnt so im going to wrtie them hear in letters. but i relly dont want ppl to find out who they are.
so yeah .

dear person number one,
sometimes i dont like you
your kinda a backstabber.
but your cool at the same times.

dear person two,
no really i do im always thinkign you dont like me
but your my bestfriend and yeah btw this letter is for BAGELL.
yeahhh we have the best times ever togetherr your so auhmazzing,
we arwe waytoo closee inthe good way yeah you make me laugh so hard and we have great convos early in the morning yeah mayn.

dear person3,
we got close this year.
and we have actully  hang out alot this summer so far your funy and cool.

dear person4,
your cool and all but i have a big issue with you
i mean its not far for me too have this issue with you because you prolly do relly like.(not trying to give ppl away so i wont finsh this sentence) but anway your pretty and funny thow i have met you only a few times we should hangout more as loong has you dont talka bout yeah.

dear person5,
your one of the best ppl ever
i would of forgot you even you hadnt just comment on my wall post but yeah i love you.
your a little to boyfriend crazy. but ill get over that i give you permission to be crazy because you have a great boyfriend. and im so happy foryou.
and im so happy my brother and your sister met!
dear person6,
you truly are my hero
and i lvoe hangingout with you
i just feel like you dont like hanging with me
or i ahve to have somnthing to chill with you but anyway im happy how clsoe we are
dear person 7,
were should i start?
your crazy. but i am crazy too.
i think about you constantly
you really are so clueless how much you mean to me and im happy for you
thow this happyness is surely envy.
i mean id die for you i truly would
i jsut wish you new how much i really did care and how i actully feel but you prolly
would never understand and it would ruin everything
so ill jsut contue to cry at night and put on a happy face
imissyou. and i can never lose you.
but i really hope you get over it FAST. and find me when you do
because ill always be waiting.
yeah i sound prolly creppy in this kinda physco but i cant help true emotions.
bestfriend iloveyou
dear person 8,
but i hate how beatiful you are
and how much ppl like you.
because they dont like me nearly has much.
i dont want to lose you ever
but one day im scared i will.
butanway on a happy note your freak awesome and i lvoe you tons and tons.
dear person9,
i really want to be freinds with you and your bestfriend because you guys are so cool
but im two weird
dear person 10,
YOU PLAYED ME but thats ok because i was using you
yeah your cute
and yeah you made me feel specail
but no i truely could of not liked you because i was alrady in love with someone else
you just made me feel specail and you took my mind of of the other person
and why i was cought up with you i slowly last that person and when i snapped back it was already to late but
yes i did cry over you
and i did stalk your facebook
and i did bahs you to my friends
but your a jerk
with a cuteness to you
but what ever your thrown away now
have fun with her.
dear person 11,
your two amazing
and i feel awesome hanging out with you
i hope this friendship contunes because your funny and fun!

well yeah thats it actully theres a ton more ppl i want to write two but fer now this is good enough.

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