Monday, July 18, 2011

dont care wont care

i was going to write a blog about you i decided that last night 
but then i got on the computer put a title up and imedetly  erased it 
why? you wont care you wont even read it and if i said it to your face you wouldn't care then your 
NOT a caring person
you wont care
you act like you care but you don't
i don't want you 
the only reason i think i want you
is because the fact
that you say you want me
people never want i have never met a boy with a crush on me.
people say nicole YOUR GORGEOUS 
then why arnt boys liking me adding me flirting with me dating me
why was my first kiss a i feel sorry for you truth or dare kiss?
i want that happy ending with a good looking caring guy 
he isn't you your
a hope builder
u feed on giving ppl false hope
but then why do you keep haunting my dreams.
i hate it 
i don't hate you
but i hate a lot about you
your no angel the only halo you got came with an XBOX  (chris webby thank you for this quote thingy)
i want someone else.
so please stop saying i got a big booty and shit thanks

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