Sunday, July 10, 2011

twisted up!

^that title up there^ i have no clue why its the title
anyway how has my life been latly?
yes i said it AMAZING
i have lsot weight like 20 pounds!
why am i happy for like 20 pounds its not much i no i still look pretty fat
but i ahvent really been working hard
at all
like i still eat junk food alot
specailly blazed..
but i guess jsut trying to be way more active i walk a lot insted of car or sitting at home
and i jsut try to eat in modreation.
eat less
and be more active
but i relly havnt been eating healthy at all.
or excersizing but its been working for liek the last month
i got like 2 more months of summer
and imam go HARD.
by excersizing aLOT
i mean ALOT.
and eating very healthy and ill see if i can lose a LOT MORE.
and be skiiny by the time school starts.
but losign weight
makes my perspective om life so muhc better
like im confident with guys more now.
i love guys I AM BOY CRAZY
and i feel like i ahve more of a chance
and im more confident in my self
im not a failure at all.
im trying
so hard for the rest of the summer.  to lose this weight wish me luck guys <3 <3
so maybe twisted up is a good thing maybe i was down but now my mood is twisting up?
hahah maybee

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