Thursday, July 14, 2011

i dont think i love you

the other day i was watching the jacyee dugurd <-- cant spell her name and she talked about hoe much she loves her mom and how much she missed her but usually at that part i would cry but i couldn't i kinda felt awkward because i didn't want to cry and hug my mom because im not sure i just got this strange vibe like i don't even love my parents i mean i have to how could i not love my parents there pretty cool. but this thought keeps creeping up in the back of my head "do you even love them" i don't no what to do. and my mom is gone for this whole week and im not even bothering to call her because i don't miss her... WHATS GOING ON i mean shes my mom i love her i have too there is no reason not to i feel guilty because i don't no if i love my own mother and father.
...i need help

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