Monday, April 25, 2011

beautiful on the inside other words ugly on the out.

shes nice, shes funny,shes loud,shes crazy,shes a leader.
she has an attuide problem, shes stupied, she drowns out other voices, she does drugs, shes a wanabee
she wants to be difrrent. shes a failure will never get far in life shes insecure that will never change 
she crys for help but is ignored.
she may be beautiful ont he inside but never on the out.
her pain depends her. 
she has hate carved into her skin
she will never be perfect.
she lives in the shadow of her beautiful bestfriend
she lives in her own personal hell called home
she is poor
she makes up lies to hide her hiden truth.
why cant she be someone diffrent.
she just wishes she was happy 
thow she is sad.
she wants to be pretty.
but she is mad
why everyone is glad
she just doesnt know what to do with herself anymore
why should she stay dad?
love is never given and your the man.
who raised her
but tells her she is worthless
when your mad
you tell her she should be diffrent
you tell her to starve herself to be perfect so she does
one day it will be to late
and you will propbley be glad.

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