Sunday, August 29, 2010

dreading everything.

ok so im like super super super nervous about a lot right now. 
school is starting soon&orintaion is on moday joy :\ im scared to see ppl and to see what classes i get.
and to take a school picture. :(
school terrfies me.
and im trying to better my life but it just isnt working. the more i try the more im diging then hole to my grave.
and im finally going to to go to therapy. will im not sure but my mom is trying to set me up and crap so idk when im forsure going. but i no im scared because i dont know whats going to happen. 
i need to fix some things in my life and i hope therapy will help me do that.
gos being a teenage girl sucks. i get why ppl say i dont miss beign a teenager becuz it infact is anoying.
 welll im about done here.
here are a few qoutes imaa gonna try to live by.
if your trying to please every one else your never going to be happy your self.
lerned to love ppl for who they are.
what doesnt kill you makes you stronger..

peace. really trying to be the better person but i keep screwing up dont give up on me.


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