Thursday, August 19, 2010


ok so i have relized somthing, i hate copiers. i no for a fact what some people are thinking.
nikkole you copy people,your the copier. well actully i dont copy ppl i dont want to be like everyone else. i am my self yeah maybe you did hear that song first but i like it so deal with it.
maybe you do where your hair like that but have you looked around like 6 others girls are rocking the same hair cut. maybe you did start that saying first but everyone else is saying it too.
 its anoying i mean get a life i  am not doing it to be like you so stop flatering your self  (btw this is to people in genral no one pacific)  im doing it because it was my desion to do it i said i think my hair will look cute like that or that song is really awesome i like it. or that saying is awesome i need to say it
its not because you do it. i am not copying you get that straight.
but besides that i do hate when you can tell people are doing it because you do it. (im  not saying any names) so lets call her  juila.   what im saying is "juila" does do thing to be like me well i dont no if its to be like me trust you dotn want to be me. (im going to give fake exsamples so i dont offend any one or make anyone think its about them) but its like  i start saying like shamwoodle. and then i say it to juila and next day "omg thats so so shamwoodle" or its like i get a crazy idea to do somthing stuiped
like writing sex in ever profile pci of me then bam she does it. or if i do somthing like write a story about flying underwear the next day shes got a story about bra's that float. you know it really gets on my nerves serously. if you knwo who this is about then dont ask me if you dont then still dont ask me.
and if you relized this was about you dont be mad at me because im venting feelings and maybe you could stop  and be your own person. on one other thing and if i do copy someone i say hey "kasey i copyed your hat thing" (i used kasey ahs exsample she doesnt have a hat thing). besides that
people be ORIGNAL. and your self stop trying to be everyone else.

k well bye


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