Thursday, August 12, 2010

creppy pervs&im not ohk with that!

ok so i was on facebook chatting with friends. when  a guy (not going to use real names) lets call him rick
chats me telling me i am pretty i dont know how he got on my facebook but he says "your eyes r relly pretty i love them <3" im like whaa maybe he thinks im someone else or older so i say "im young i dont no  you "
he says  "im 15" yeah right u look 35 stop showing off ur ugly. i think i blocked him but im not shure.
then a nother guy. lets call him mike. chats me " i want to fuck you in the butt" wats with all the pervs latly
im even pretty go harss someone else. i think  i say "god that now way to talk to a girl  get some manners god"
he says " im sorry i like to fuck in the butt" i think u look freakin9 "u look 9 so kid go away"
then he puts hearts at the end of everything. " ur loss of dick" he says lmfao "its prolly small any way and a little kid shouldnt talk like that" he got off line but agh thats so anoying  ppl these  not ohkay wih that. so my friend lets call her victoria is ging threw somthing ruff this guy messaged her telling her she sucks shes a whore nasty cunt bitch. thats nto right its verbal abuse. watch leads to onther things and he called her a lier and she said that he pushed her and got beat up. WTF. abuse its not alright.
u do not control people abusing them is not right i defently have a promblem with sexual abuse isnt sex supost to be somthing u enjoy and share with people you love? forcing some one to do that shit. is wrong it brings tears to my eyes.  no one should do that what is wrong with them? hurtign children or adults or ANYONE like that wat did they do to anyone to get pushed around or called worthless and forced to do such harsh things. come on people. really there are sick people in the world its not
RIGHT. ahg i am to pissed to fish thins ill right another blog about it later
linado me amenazan de nuevo no puedes tomar lo que es mío otra vez no puedes tener mi orgullo y mi vida nunca más. te odio la vida seguirá. yo soy yo. que dotn control de mí.

i am madd, sincerly,nikkole

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