Sunday, August 15, 2010

agh why cant i SLEEP

so helen is sleeping tmmrw is the paramore concert and i am excited. but latly i havnt been able to sleep im wide awake right now and i culd prolly stay up for like another 6 hours. but i need my sleeep i want to be well wrested. for tomorrow so im not like falling over and sleeping why paramore is playing.

that wuldnt be could. im relly excited its my first concert i jsut dont anyone to thinkim beign bitchy or bragy. but i am excited and its not like wen  my friends go some where cool or on vaction. they dont brag about it. and i am fine with them talking about it but its like if i am doing somthing exciting. then i am being bragin bitch and crap this will prolly be the most exciting thing i do this summer and i owe it to helen and our family her mommy and daddy i feel really safe and comferbal at helens house. hah its like its my huse lol. helen is a good friend 

amigos para siempresueño inquietocansado es más nominal.

love nikkole

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