Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cant sleep

it is way to HOT in my house and i cant freakin sleep :( and its anoying me.

i like sleep  but i cnat sleep i think ima read my breakin dawn book i always start reading then stop reading and draw some pictures. an write in my writing juronal. 
ive relized i got a best friend her name is DEJAH . she is always on facebook. and she jsut makes my day  at skool  i am mean to her i say rude things its not very nice im a jerk. i feel bad but she keeps coming back watch means she loves me i love her to death. dejah i love you and
yeah i dotn feel like writing any more.
so heh yeah 
buenas noches luna como el amor que el mundo de buenas noches te deseo que mejores amigos de las buenas noches deseo que estaba contigo cielo buenas noches, pero siempre buena noche de luna.

good night,nikkole

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