Thursday, August 19, 2010

what am i thinking?&things i never tell you.!

things that mean the most to me.
1.god/heven/hell/good/bad.(thats like difrrent things but they all are liek the same catorgory),thomas,mom,angel,moca,dad,
(other too) im always listening to music, music desccribes me. my favrote band is paramore, ilike her voice,music style,lyrics,everything pretty much(hawthorn heights also!)
thats all i can think of for now.

what i wnat to change about myself (or wish i could change) jelousness i get jelous to easy anxiety.
4.body type,weight. nose its all big and flat.! i want it blonde with red unde neath like paramores haley willams red. and all chopy and razored. kind alike it is now (hair cut wise)

people who need a thank you!

1.helen-thanks for taking me to paramore,and always being there your a good friend.
2.kasey-we are so much alike its creepy she geets everything in my life and i get everything in her life


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  1. that hair cut you discribed on hayley sounds exactaly like mine. mine is choppy with blonde on top and red underneath also....