Sunday, August 15, 2010

The new me.

ive decied i need a change. i am sick  of people pushing me around and crap
 so ive deiced im going to not put up with it.
the new me is going to make changes

1. im not going to let ppl sit there and lock me into there drama if it doesnt have to do with me.
then im not going to listen to hit dont freakin sit there and whine to me about how you and someone else is fighting. or if your amd at someone dont sit there and talk behind there back. if you tell me about how your mad at  (ill use a fake name) melony becuz she said that ur shirts ugly. dont fuckign tell me go talk to melony and tell her how u feel dont sit her and be like im mad lets talk shit tell her your mad and why
2. im going to do the same if im mad or ina fight with a friend im going to talk to them not freakin everybody else.

3. im goign to give everyone a chance im not going to dislike you becuz wat i herd and crap or if we got in a fight. im going try to like u in less u do me wrogn then we jsut got be friends

i had a lot of grammar errors but i dont relly care.

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  1. i was so mad i furgot love niikole and my spanish oh well.