Wednesday, August 11, 2010


agh, you really make me mad sometimes i hate you so  much but then i love you
i feel stupied when i talk to you. and i feel foolish in so many ways. 
sometimes i feel like your auhmazzing and i love you and your a great friend and i love you.
but i hate you your rude comments your attuide why arnt i good enough  was i every good enough. why do you keep talking to me  if your just going to say anooying things or try to correct my life or my grammar or think im mad all the time. you dont know whats going on in  my life.
and  if you would care anyway. but i really like you  i dont know why its insane to even talk to you
but you are somthing specail i can tell but i dout u would like me and why would you and if you asked me if i loved you or liked you ofcourse id say no.  but of course if you read this you would think it was about you because your so full of your self. its true you are. i dont get wat im saying anymore 

me dolió mucho se ha giro que desea mi corazón romperlo en pedazos romper con un martillo me digas que me odian escupir en mi cara me digas soy inú digas que quieres que me muera hacer su peor y los malos siguen manteniendo runing espalda y los malos todavíacreo que me quieres. y yo siempre te amaré.


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