Thursday, August 26, 2010


ok so im like kinda copying kasey&mearah but  i think i need to write about this because in like one my posts i said i would and i havnt.
so here it goes.

RAPE: i i never really spoken out about me feeling toward this subject and now i think its time to say what i think. 
okay well ITS TERRIBLE. so wrong. and if you think its right then obvoiusly you need HELP.
sex is supost to be fun. and somthing you do when you love eatchother. rape is taking fun and love from someone. making some one feel worthless and dirty. they cant erase the horrible memoires you gave them. just because YOU wanted power. most likey you have fantasy's about doing that to someone and now you want to act it out. saying sorry wont fix the promblem you have greated. most likey rapist/molesters. like  young children because they dont know its wrong what your doing to them. you tell them not to tell and that your there friend most likey there not going to watch makes you get away with it..  intil the child is older and relizes it wast right. then telling sometimes can be to late. 
watch can cause ppl to SELF MEDICATE. watch can result in to cutting,drinking,random sex,pills,drug habbits.
and SUCIDE there are more but those are commen.
im going to talk alittle bit about those self medcating options ppl take.

CUTTING: to get angerout and confusement to relive pain for your mind is to have physical pain. mosst ppl think cutters are pintless losers that do it for attion. watch in some case's that is true. but honestly you dont know about inless you have witnessed or done it. its to get out the anger and to free your mind in a werid way. most likely cutters dont want to die they want to relif the pain in there mind.

DRINKING: when your in the high of drinking your having fun. not really thinking about promblems going on in your life.

RANDOM SEX: having sex all the time just because you feel like you have nothing to lose anymore watch can cause a sex addict.

PILLS/DRUG HABBITS.:to forget is to be always high and lost in pills and deep in your mind in sleep. your like a living zombie walking the earth.

SUCIDE: take ones own life. ppl do this to escape the pain they are feeling and if suceced there  is no turning BACK. its a ssad awful thing.

now think all of this can happen to some one (+ more) jsut because they have been raped 
so next time you look at a cutter drugy sex addict. dont judge them get to know them because somthing like rape can be holding them back from actully living life and being happy

once again it is a awful thing. yes you can make jokes about we all do thats how some rape victums get by it is joking around. but be careful because any one can be holding a secert in.

so this was a really deep subject and along post.

nikkole <3

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