Saturday, August 21, 2010

i see that your just doing it to seem cool around everyone else.

we used to be really good friends.
but im sick of your bull shit!
i mean really you try to blame  everything wrong in our friendship on me. everytime i am with you its mean comments and just judgements.  and you try to act like  "oh i dont care wat people think of me". and " i cant like that because everyone else does"  your trying to
hard to be orignal. jut like wat you want and do wat you want be your self that orignal.
and you say you dont care what people think then why do you do stuff to seem cool
thats right because you pose. i mean stop acting like you all emo like. be your gawd darn self or i dont even know if we can be friends anymore everytime we fight i  blame it on my self i beome the better person and try to fix every thing and  IM DONE WITH THAT
 if you really want to save this friendship then do somthing your self because once i move (btw i might move out of ann arbor) its going to be goodbye ppl who act like there real friends. im going to furget all the drama and fakes and haters and start new only ppl who act like friends  will still see me and talk to me. im done. also dont ask me who this is about im not going to tell you.
this was not ment to start drama  this was ment to let feelings out.
k well bye

lifes a bitch.
 love&get use to