Monday, August 16, 2010


life and such. i feel writing really big this is toobig lmfao.
so im with jenni shes cleaning stuff. yesterday i wen to a paramore concert it was really really fun. i was in the same room has haley and felt great it give me hope.
today me and jenni just messed around. fun! i mite hang with her tmmrw. and on wesday where seeing vampires suck! excited. but i feel like one of my good friend r mad at me O.o. not cool.
i talked to kasey today and were planing a sleepover with helen. EXCITED!I ALSO HERD WERID grawling nosies in my house today. and no one was home O.o. it wanst even my DOGS! scared me to death

well im tired and i dont feel like writing spanish

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