Saturday, September 4, 2010


so im excited for back to school shoping and i guess going back to school.
well for back to school  shoping im going to hottopic and getting a paramore&alltimelow shirts. excited XD im going to target,kmart.officemax and hottopic!
yes also school will be great this year i decied. not to care that much wat ppl say and think and to always be there for my friends. XD and to get auhmazzing grades.
and to be a good student and a great friend and to HAVE FUN THIS YEAR screw drama.
im in 8th grade lets live it up BAYBAY. and this is kinda random but whats up with all the fake scene girl acounts me and jenni are chating about that on facebook!. 
well im in a fantastic mood. :D 
but im super nervous for school. :P but any way 2010-2011 school year is gonna be my year.  heck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
i  think im done here.

throw my hands up in the air some times saying ayo gotta let it go-----
ps.idk if i got the lyrics right lmao.

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