Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first day!!!!! of school :P

so heres my school day
wake up: took a shower put on clothes did make up then did my hair.
went to the bus.
bus:HAAHAH i thought  i missed it becuz the bus wasnt there and no ppl where at the bus stop at :7:09 when the bus came at 7:12 turns out i got on the right bus all those ppl got on the wrong bus.
first hour:mr. lincourt he was cool we can pick are own seats.
second hour:HATED IT. i want stab mr.mohr he is to stricked and mean imma swich out of his class.
3 hour:mr.english is pretty cool i sit next to cassie !!!!
4hour:GRADY. small class kinda cool. have some of my peeps in it like randee,courtney,jenna and sariina.
advisory:was ighht
luch:met this new girl sarah shes soo cool i woudl think she wuld be with the mega populars but she wasnt she was with us shes so cool.
6 hour: ALL BOYS besides me blah.
7hour:mr.condera is like AUHMAZZING HES SOOOOO COOOL


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