Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Letting go,

when i was 8 i never thought  we wouldnt be friends.  i told everyone me and (not saying name )--- are gonna go to collage together be best friends in highschool.
dude we have let go of our friendship. 
but now that i think about it i missyou sorta sometimes.
but on a other hand i dont see us being able to be friends again we have diffrent personailtys. and when we were friends? we always had drama
but i want to make peace with you
(even thow you dont read this)
i hope we can casually be friends again and i do wish you the best 
and im sorry we couldn't be friends and maybe blocking me on facebook is a nice suddle hint of our ending friendship  because if you would of inboxed me i prolly would of blew up.
and tryed to save somthing that was to far gone to save. but u can like unblock me now?
lol nah its whatever. 
have a great life :)
im also letting go of the fact of being kinda ushmae dthat my two best friends are 13.
ohwell there like 9 months younger then me big woop.
it just sucks i dont have school with them love yah brooklyn and helen (maya!kaylah!).
letting go 
of him?
i guess has happend i miss him and the funnest fucking memoires ever!
but i havnt seen him in a week, bleh not having classes with your  best friends? SUCK.
and now you
letting go of you.
i see it happening if it isnt already. we have no classes together and you never relly on the bus.
theres better friends out there for you than can make you not really good at that
i hope we can stay friends.
because trying to accept the fact that us has bestfriend isnt gonna last forever kills
me but i guess,
letting go of you might be the best thing for you.
no ever said change was easy.
but no one ever said it was hard.

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