Thursday, September 15, 2011

i feel so low. why cant i be high

i feel kinda out of it
i feel like my flirting is failing watch brings me back
to nikkole your ugly has fuck and fat 
thats all i think about my self
theres no awesome personality wtf is everyone saying
im lamee
im a loser
to be honest my parnets keep making me think my friend use me
watch kinda upsets me
i mean if i ask them there like wtf no
but it keeps creeping in my mind
am i just a friend ppl use?
ftw fml
im in a really sad mood
because i feel useless
and ugly and stupied
and gross
im really unhappy
and i want t no whats wrong with me i see ugly skinny girls get hit on o\all the time
and i see semi fat pretty girls get hit on to
wtf is wrong with me
why does no one  like me
i hate my self
can i please be somebody else?
when i feel this low i usely cry and cut
but i havnt done that in like 7 months yay me.
poemish thing:
with its sharp edges and its shiny glisten 
it waits for me
to tell it my problems
with every drip of blood.

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