Monday, September 12, 2011

get over yourself or hop on the pity train

has their sad moments
their i hate my life moments
but ive been living those moments since 
i was born.
its never been good
im jsut used to
it and i know how to get what i want when i want the real reason im such a brat
i want to fit in i want to go to school in expensive things so
people think im coola dn can aford things.
truth is im a horrible person i make my family live with out
because i wanted school clothes but knowing my dad
that 600$ would of went to 
somthing diffrent anyways.
not to our bills or food or to anew house
my panrets give me hope then crahs them down
dear you,
you hurt me with what you
said. Because i understand you have it bad you
can talk to me.
i dont think i ahve ur problems.
but i ahve my own gather of them to.
i ahvnt had legeal gas and electricty
in like a year and a half.
i ahvnt internet or cable
in like 8 months
 i jsut got my food stamps back
i hadnt had them fer like 6 months.
my dads lazy
and only cares about his running and his bitching my
DAD never stops yelling or bitching about somthing is fucking 24/7
and i dont relly tell people much anymore because i dont need to complan about me.
but my mom doesnt work she jsut found out her work is mnaking her quit,
and my uncle only has one-two months to live.
i have all this on my shoulders
plus homework
being fat and ugly 
being made fun of.
its weighing me down to a breaking point.
and my fuckin dad cheating on my mom it stills gets to me.
and im losing friends.
but i cant talk to them anyway
either there too young and i never see them because of school
or i have no classes with them.
or lunch i cant really explain anyway
or im saying i ahve the same problems or its all about me.
im like whatthefuck
living here on earth isnt for me
i sleep constantly,
im  trying to be a better me
but its not working
why should i care
and i miss you bestfriend thow we arnt really that close anymore
thanks for being my friend for awhile thow
it ment more than you know,

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