Friday, March 11, 2011

well i havnt post a blog in ten million years.

well blogs seem so like from over the summer because i ahvnt posted one since like october.i have alot of stuff to say. alot of new things have benn happening. but why shuld i even write them downn no one even reads them but for those like 3 ppl  who do.
well i start by months.
ima start in december
december-that month was a good month i got lots of cool stuff like a 50 buck makeup kit for chrismas but my wintyer break SUCKEDDDD. because i did nothing. but that month i met a friend that id later hate.
januray-i had a kick ass new years eve party.what had started has shirley temples and crazy dance moves and spiraled into staying up til 5 in the morning piercings shit i pierced 3 cartliges and 5 ear holes that night. wait 6. that was the beging to a all new piercings obession. later that month i pierced a nose.6 more carliges and found a 3 new best friends. sabrina.heylee and jasmine. and then i started doing somthing id never regert. also the piercings turned into a group called the CC.
faburary-moms bday month. also that friend i met in december got super clsoe to the family she turned into wat seemed like my brothers dream girl they spend 24/7 together. i also got a cellphone in this month . and that thing id never regert. i stil do it in this month too. also jenni and cassie stopped being friends. wathc was awesome becaus enow me and cassie are like bestbest friends. also i pireced helens belly buttion and everyone wants piercings from me i pierced maya nose brooklyn helen me and maya are the CC. carlage crew. peopel always hate on us. but i relyl dont give a fuck there my best friends besides cassie. \
march-the month that we are in now i found out i have a new best friend and where getting really close. my brother bday is monday and that friend from december hurt my brother badly. THAT SKANK i mean i dotn relly mean shes a skank im jsut mad at her for hurting my brother. cellphones shut off. and sabrina is moving. i got closer to these "popular" girls at my school lilly and sarah and were gobnna have a sleepover soon and i fell relyl ahppy ive relized i relly am friends with everyone besides the jerk boys, that thing i doptn regert i do it every weekend AND I LOVE IT.. b ut latly ive been getting relly down on my self i look at my gorguss friend kasey and ghelen maya brooklyn cassie and i jsut see fat ugly nasty me in the mirror i wish i was beautiful as the rest opf those girls but im not. i guess i just have a good personality.
for the future i hope to get skinny and pretty and to get my hair done and my monore pirced. and to contuie piricng ppl because i lvoe it but ive relly got to start going to school ive missed 32 days of school this year. and the school is on my ass. well yeah

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