Wednesday, November 17, 2010


so like i feel relly bad because my throat relly hurts. i mite have to get my tonsil thingys removed.
im tired

i wish you loved me.
i really like you
but you like my best friend and that sucks aghh. i wish i could be loved and cared about but im not. but thats what i get for being friends with pretty ppl prettyer than me anyway. all my friends are drop dead gorgus and then its just FAT. mee  and pretty them  your soo cute and nice but i cant beleive you asked permission to date my best friend and asked m if i cared of COURSE I DO CARE but im not gonna say i do so i said no idc:) but i ccare and to make it worst i think  she likes him back and she just doesnt want to tell me. if she does like him then date him  even thow ill be living in misery go ahead and date him.


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