Saturday, March 26, 2011

sterotypical shit.

so this has relly been on my mind im sick of people saying oh your a poser because ur trying to beens scene and copy people whatthefuck what happend to doing what you want screw other peopel wat happend to personal style.  im sikc of people telling people the if you tease your hair your scene and now you have to were tight jeans and babnd tees and listen to breath carolina. i mena honestly teasing hair is a hair style and breath carloina is musicc and skinny jeans are clothes i mean let me explian this i AM nikkole. and im unique me jsut becasue some days i want to tease my hair and war and band tee and other days i want to curl my hair and wear a flower dress doesnt mean im posing and im a prep i mean i can get ten million pirceings 6 tattos and tease my hair and lsiten to taylor swift,. it shuldnt matter. or is i want to wear and mini skirt and a houilster top but lsiten to bring me the hrozion i shuld be aloud to and express my self with out ppl being all like poserrrrrrrr. andand scen kid or prep i am nikkole and yes i lvoe the "scene look" but some days i like the "prep" look and even the crazy colorful look theres diffrent styles music and personnailtys and just because ppl tell you if ur :scene: to go lsiten to scermo and be all werid. doesnt mena you ahve to. i no im guilty of useing stero types.  and calling ppl posers but i ahve realized theres no relly such thing as a pose ri mean there is. but i feel we alluse the word wrong.. models are poserrss they pose for pictures.  well i hope i got that acroos im not scene,prep,emo,nerd, or any of that sterotypical shit i am nikkole and i love scermo,country,rap,pop  i cant stan blues,jazz and clasical music.  i lvoe to tease my hair or curel it (weven thow my hair is natrualy curly) or were it in apony tail some time i feel like skirts and natral makeup sometimes i feel like band teessa nd eyeliner to  my nose. soemtiems i feel like sweat pants and no make but thats me where all  wat teenagers. we stillt rying to figure otu we we are so of cousre were gonan experment with difrrent styles music make up and people and we shuldnt be called psoers for trying to have fun and seeing wat you like . so from now on no one is no longer scene or prep or a psoer or not or a copyer to me we are all people and u r ur self and also jsut because ppl want to try teasign there hair doesnt mean there copying and stuff or try new styles so i wish everyone wuld stop  being all like stop copying this person and shit cuzcuz ppl were teasing there hair in the 80s we all copy or get ideas from other peopel or genrations its called stylee. so yeah :D

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