Wednesday, August 17, 2011

you are pretty but im not

all my friends
are so beautiful
i hate there PEP talks
because they don't mean anything even my friend who says shes the most ugly
gets hit on all the time
and guys like her
guys like every girl besides
im not pretty
i wish i was
i really doo
it hurts to no that im not
i hate when my friends "COMPLAIN" to me how these hot guys add them and they dont no who to talk to more
they tell me about how some hot "scene" guy is talking to them and hes like 17
why cant
i get hot guys
why do i have to be fat
why do i have to worry about being made fun of
some days im like why do i live.
and the only person that made me feel pretty
doesn't even talk to me
am i the ugly girl

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