Thursday, August 18, 2011

diarys of the fat girl.

in less your over weight 
you don't know what its like
its a struggle from day to day
i used to be outgoing loving life person who thought she was beautiful no matter who told her no
now i wont talk to people because  i know no one wants to talk to me
i miss out on a lot of fun oppurtuntys because my weight holds me back
being fat is just not fun 
and trying to lose weight is hard 
i used to think id lose all my weight in a mater of three months nope
its gonna take forever because shedding it is hard
but being fat sucks i feel like i cant wear pretty close
i know no one will ask me to homecoming because im not beautiful and skinny
i wont even want to wear a dress because 
i no im just fat
so i prolly wont even go
being fat you have to over think everything
and people love to point it out and make fun of you
because you have all this extra skin and shit 
and its gross
being fat and over weight
is not fun
and it makes me cry alot
i don't like to go out and do things usly because being fat and being in public is hard
because ifeel like everyone is making fun of me
i know my feelings dont matter and im not relly a real person because im fat
i havnt relly even had a first kiss or let alone a guy i can consider my boyfriend
my first kiss was truth or dare. <------doesn't relly count
i hate myself and my life
i want to be someone else
if only i hadn't gained weight
my life would be better its all my fault 
for being fat.
no one needs to feel bad for me i did it to my self and now i have to live with it until i lose it.
yes i have lost 20-30 pounds this summer
but im still fat
dear high school,
im scared of you
im scared to be made fun of
im scared to step foot in your doors
im scared to lose my friends to better people
im scared to not get a boyfriend
im scared not to make friends
im scared to the lonely loser
when i used to have so much friends
im scared of everything about you.
 sincerely, the fat girl 

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